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Master YouTube's Advertising Platform - TrueView

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What you'll learn

YouTube has been the leading digital video platform for over a decade and now has over one billion users (that’s almost one third of the internet) watching one billion hours of video every single day!

This course will show you how to reach more of those viewers and drive conversions using YouTube's native advertising platform called YouTube Trueview.

You will learn:

  • How to create and setup your Adwords account for YouTube.
  • How to link your YouTube channel, website, and Adwords account together.
  • How to determine the best placement types for your campaign.
  • How to target the best audience using our advanced targeting techniques.
  • How to manage your campaigns once they're created.

Who is this course for?


Getting Started

  • Adwords Account Setup
  • Linking YouTube + Adwords Together
  • Creating Conversion Tags
  • Adding Conversion Tags on GTM
  • Checking your Conversion Tags


  • Audiences - YouTube Viewers
  • Audiences - Website Remarketing
  • Audiences - Custom Combinations
  • Audiences - Similar Viewers
  • Audiences - Email Lists

Campaign Setup

  • Creating a Campaign
  • Ad Type - In Stream
  • Ad Type - Video Discovery
  • Setting Your Max CPV


  • Targeting - Demographics
  • Targeting - Interests
  • Targeting - Keywords
  • Targeting - Placements
  • Targeting - Remarketing Lists
  • Targeting - Topics
  • Targeting - Combinations



  • Navigating Campaigns on Adwords

Bonus Material


Video Ad Critique

$100 value
Get a free critique of your video ad before you begin your video advertising campaign.

About Your Instructor

Matt Ballek

Matt Ballek

Meet your Instructor

Matt Ballek is a certified YouTube consultant and founder of VIDISEO.

With 10 years of video marketing experience Matt has been responsible for developing, communicating and implementing advanced video strategies for numerous brands including Lowes, Google, The Associated Press, PBS, Intel, and more.


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